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The magic of Salvador captures hearts. The warm, friendly people and vibrant street life are second to none.

The New York Times, The Guardian, Forbes, and National Geographic all agree — Salvador should be on every traveler’s must-visit list.

  • Beaches? Check. 
  • Rich cultural heritage? Check. 
  • Tropical climate? Check. 
  • World heritage site? Check. 
  • World-class music? Check.

When people ask me what makes Salvador so special, I ask them how much time they have. I have managed to condense that down to 40 tangible reasons, and pulled out my top five here for you. 

Get all 40 Reasons to Visit Salvador, Brazil.

5 Reasons to Visit Salvador, Brazil

1. Vibrant street life

This is one of my favorite things about Salvador — life on the street. I love walking down the street, watching a card or backgammon game, a lively conversation about soccer over a beer or four, or an impromptu samba circle. Life with friends is lived out on the streets. And making friends here is as easy as showing up with a beer and asking to join in.

2. The cultural center of Brazil

São Paulo is the financial and business center, Rio de Janeiro is the tourism capital, and I (and National Geograhic) would argue that Salvador is the cultural capital. “One local expression perfectly reflects the artistic verve of Bahians: Here people aren’t born, they premiere.”

3. A budget-friendly destination

While getting to Salvador can be expensive, staying in Salvador is easy on the wallet. As an example, with a housing budget of $250USD/week you can have a western-style, one-bedroom, doorman-controlled, air-conditioned apartment, in a great neighborhood, across the street from the beach. Food, drink, and entertainment are equally inexpensive.

4. Off the beaten path

While Salvador is the playground of Brazil for Brazilians, it still remains a relative unknown outside of Brazil. No fighting the crowds, hearing English on every street, or cheesy fabricated tourist stops. You’ll see life as it really is here.

5. Warm and friendly people

I believe this is the secret sauce of Salvador — the human connection. Visitors instantly comment on how warm, friendly, open, and welcoming the people are. Make the effort to befriend a local or two and you will be repaid many times over.

Looking for more reasons to come and immerse yourself in this magical city? Get the complete list of 40 Reasons to Visit Salvador, Brazil.

See you on the streets!

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