Hi! And welcome (bem vindo)

Hi! I’m Jen Santos, Founder and Chief Enchantment Officer here at Salvador Guidebook.

There is something magical about Salvador da Bahia that can’t be put into words. Trust me, I’ve tried.

There is an ease, a happiness, and a general lightness that comes from being in Salvador. A culture of community and a work-to-live lifestyle have deep roots here.

The Brazilian Portuguese have a word — sossego — that translates to “ease”, but the more nuanced definition is “life in a hammock. The good life.”

I have watched countless people visit, and I see sossego and belonging take over. It is a place where you can genuinely come and just “you do you” — no judgment. People leave transformed and eager to return.

Who we are

I am an American who has been living in Salvador since the beginning of 2016. I visited Salvador for the first time with my capoeira professor in 2013, and a trip that started out as, “A trip to a country I haven’t been to with someone from there? Sign me up!” quickly turned into a love affair. First with the city, and then with my incredible husband, Bira.

Bira is a Soteropolitano (native of Salvador) who is incredibly proud of his city and his afro-Brazilian culture. He is a working musician who teaches classes both online and in Salvador’s historic center, the Pelourinho, and plays the occasional show.

As you can imagine, I do all of the writing on the blog, and Bira helps keep me honest and makes sure I’m not sending you astray.

Bira and Jen Santos — your concierges and guides for all things Salvador and sossego

Our two-part mission

We want to make the magic of Salvador available to more people — whether they are able to get on a plane or not.

Help non-Portuguese speakers visiting Salvador overcome the language barriers that often keep them from being able to fully sink into the Salvador experience. Much of the goodness Salvador has to offer isn’t easily found online, and if it is, it isn’t in English. We speak the language and since we live here we know who to talk to for those insider experiences.

For those seeking more sossego and less live-to-work, there is a lot to be learned from how Soteropolitanos choose to live. We are here to act as facilitators and guides to help busy professionals find ease and build a work-to-live lifestyle.

Work with us

If the magic of Salvador and its sossego is calling to you, we’re here for you.

If you are an independent or semi-independent traveler interested in visiting Salvador, check out the guidebook and concierge services. The blog is also another great, free resource for you.

For those seeking sossego, check out our Ease + Momentum Retreats. With both virtual and in-person options and are really excited to be able to offer some sossego goodness to those that aren’t currently able to experience it in person.

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