Hi! And Welcome (bem vindo)

I’m so glad you are here. And since you are here, you have probably figured out that as a non-portuguese-speaking newcomer to Salvador, there are two giant barriers that stand between you and a life-changing time here.

  • The first is that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is in Brazilian Portuguese. And, you will be challenged to find Brazilians that speak good English.
  • The second is that very little is online. So, if you come thinking that Google Translate will help you around the language barrier, you will end up disappointed.

I used the word life-changing above, and I don’t use the word lightly, but I mean it. There is something magical about Salvador da Bahia that can’t be put into words. I have watched countless people visit, and I see a sense of ease and comfort and belonging take over — they simply relax. It is a place where you can genuinely come and just “you do you” — with no judgment. They leave transformed — and eager to return.

Who We Are

I’m Jen, and my husband Bira and I are a husband and wife team that want to make Salvador more easily accessible to non-portuguese speakers. In short, we want to share the magic and spirit of Salvador with as many people as possible!

I am an American who has been living here since the beginning of 2016, and am painfully familiar with how hard it can be to get around here. I have come home in tears numerous times after being completely confounded by something I thought I understood, but clearly did not.

My husband Bira is the Soteropolitano (native of Salvador) who is incredibly proud of his city and his afro-Brazilian culture. Bira is a working musician who teaches classes online in Salvador’s historic center, the Pelourinho, and plays the occasional show.

As you can imagine, I do all of the writing on the blog, and Bira helps keep me honest and makes sure I’m not sending you astray.

How Can We Help?

In addition to the information we give away for free on the site, we love answering questions and helping people get oriented to Salvador.

Have a question, big or small? Drop us an email.

If we can point you to a free resource, we will absolutely do that. Or, if need more specialized guidance, even full-on trip planning help, we do that as well.

Stay in Touch

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