The Hit Hotel in Barra, Salvador is located at the port of Barra, a fantastic location, right on the Orla across from the famous Porto da Barra beach. When you leave the hotel you literally cross the street and you are at the steps leading down to the beach. And I do mean “literally”, not the figurative definition of the word that is apparently a thing these days. At night, with the windows open, you can sleep to the sound of the ocean waves crashing.

Reception and common spaces

At five stories tall, Hit Hotel is a moderately-sized hotel. You climb a set of steps to enter, and then once you pass through the glass doors there is a reception desk on your right.

A nice feature at reception is a full-sized refrigerator stocked with water, beer, and soda — available for purchase 24 hours per day. The prices are a little high compared to what you can on the street, but you can’t beat the convenience. Sign to add it to your room bill, and you are all set!

There is a small seating area past reception with a couple of chairs and couches and a television. The breakfast area is entirely separate, and closed outside of breakfast hours.

You’re just minutes away from the historic center, the Pelourinho

The Pelourinho, the historic center of Salvador, is a true must-not-be-missed experience for every visitor to our magical city. It is the is the heartbeat of the city.

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Guest rooms

The rooms are comfortably-sized, with extra-large beds (a true luxury here in Salvador), mini-fridge, safe, TV, and air conditioning. While there free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel I didn’t find it to be terribly fast and read other reviews saying the same thing. For example, I had problems getting Facebook to load from our room and my husband struggled with his connectivity as well.

For basic email and looking up directions, it works, but for FaceTime (or, apparently Facebook) you aren’t likely to have a lot of success.


Breakfast was a large spread of breakfast cakes (it’s a thing here), fresh fruit, two kinds of juice, scrambled eggs, and sliced hot dogs (also a thing here). And, of course, there was coffee and hot water for tea. 

Clientele & pricing

The hotel appears to cater to slightly older European crowd — there was one family, no backpackers, and lots of small groups and couples in their 40s, 50s, and 60s speaking European languages. With rooms starting at R$170 reais during high season, the hotel definitely costs more than most of the mid-priced pousadas, but it is the least expensive western-style hotel in Barra.

Thoughts on safety

The main entrance to the hotel is right on the Orla, which is incredibly well-lit and is police-patrolled 24×7. The hotel also has 24-hour building security and the front gate locks later in the evening. Until about 10 at night, assuming there were others out and about, I wouldn’t think of going out alone to grab take-out, etc. There are restaurants right outside the hotel that are staffed until about 11pm every night. As always, use your normal big-city common sense.

What you need to know

  • You can pay with a card or cash
  • Reception is open 24-hours
  • Electronic, gated entry
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel — although is somewhat spotty
  • Free buffet-style breakfast
  • The hotel is across the street from the beach

I’m definitely more of a boutique hotel / pousada type of person, but if you are looking for a moderately-priced hotel just steps from the beach, this is a great choice.

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