Sunset is my favorite time of day here in Salvador. And it’s not just because the temperature drops a wee bit. Instead it’s because of the rich sunset tradition here in Salvador.

Sunset at the Farol in Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Rich sunset tradition, you may ask? You bet!

Every evening at the Farol (lighthouse) in Barra between dozens to hundreds of people gather to watch the sunset. And many, many more line the boardwalk (Orla). Individuals, couple, families, and groups of friends — they all trek up and around behind the lighthouse, find a seat, and wait. Street vendors walk through selling beer, queijo coalho (yummy grilled cheese on a stick), cotton candy, peanuts, and other treats. Musicians show up with their musician friends and start a sing-along.

Then, when the first sliver of the sun disappears, applause breaks out. It is a thank you to Mother Nature for another day on the planet and a connection with nature.

A Magical Sunset Moment

My favorite sunset story is from one Sunday evening a couple of years ago. The hubby and I  we were sitting on the grass, chatting, people watching, and waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing.

Behind us, leaning against the lighthouse, was a dad with his 5-year-old boy. The boy was animated and really excited to see the sunset — totally fidgety and practically jumping up and down.

While I couldn’t catch everything that was being said between the dad and son, the Dad was clearly delighted to have his boy there with him and share this experience. Although, I couldn’t see the boy, I just knew he was staring intently at the sun, waiting for that first moment when the sun starts to disappear. I could feel his anxiety — and then suddenly he erupted with, “it kissed the earth, Daddy, it kissed the earth!”

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Daily thanks

Even now, when those streaks of orange and pink starting to wind through the sky, I step away from the computer for a minute, stare out the window, and give thanks. If I’m really lucky, I’ll even hear the applause from the Farol.

Mother Nature does not disappoint.

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